PhD in Data Science since 2022 (for more information, click here). My work focuses on 1D and 2D signal processing, with more experience in audio processing. I work with limited data sets as well as large ones. I focus on machine learning algorithms to model knowledge and integrate it into microservices (based on Docker). My preferred programming language is Python, allowing me to focus on functionalities (and benefit from a wide range of libraries). As an open-source enthusiast, I contribute to open-source projects (bug reports, patch proposals, discussions, etc.) whenever possible. I also perform data analysis to produce visualizations. Most of them are available on my blog (and as a preview on Reddit or my X (formerly Twitter) account).

Finally, I also maintain a blog on visualizations I create, research I conduct, deep learning tutorials, and tips. Check it out.

You can find my full resume here or visit my LinkedIn.

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