I am a PhD student in Data Science at IRIT (Toulouse), I also started a blog check it out.

Research interests

I am focused on machine learning algorithms that can extract concepts from data. More specifically in unsupervised learning using techniques such as feature learning or attention learning.

In my thesis I will adapt Deep Neural Networks techniques in a few-shots context for speech signals. To have more information about it, look into my first-year review as a PhD student post.



I am currently a PhD student and my advisors are Julien Pinquier, Jérôme Farinas and Virginie Woisard. The project consists in creating an Automatic System of Intelligibility Measurement (SAMI in French). It involves using clinical data, use of recent machine learning algorithms (such as Deep Neural Network or Statistical models) and some data analysis.

I obtained my Master Degree in computer science (Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Robotics) in 2015 at Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France).

You can find my full CV here or look at my LinkedIn account.