I have a PhD in data science at IRIT (Toulouse). I worked on corpora with a limited amount of impaired speech. I also keep a blog about visualizations I make, research I do and tips around Linux. Check it out.


  • I am focused on machine learning algorithms to model knowledge with few or many data. More specifically I like to use self-supervised learning to extract knowledge from data.

  • In my thesis, I adapted Deep Neural Networks techniques in a few-shots context for speech signals. To have additional information about it, see my PhD review article.

  • I do data analysis to produce visualizations. Most of them are available on my blog (and previewed on Reddit or my Twitter)

  • I participate in some open-source projects (bug reports, patch proposals, discussions, etc…).


For my PhD, I was supervised by Julien Pinquier, Jérôme Farinas and Virginie Woisard. The project consisted in creating a measure to assess speech severity index.

People with ENT cancers have speech difficulties after surgery or radiation therapy. It is important for the practitioner to have a measure that reflects the severity of speech. I propose two approaches to create an automatic measure, although with little data (about 1h of audio recordings for 128 speakers). The first one is based on “few shot” methods, while the second one is based on entropic measurement of speech features (learned with a self-supervised model on an annexed corpus). Our results on the latter have allowed us to consider a medical application. Thus, I obtained a grant to supervise an engineer to realize an application delivered to the Toulouse University Hospital. For more information, see my article on my PhD report.

You can find my full CV here or look at my LinkedIn account.