In this blog post, I will present you my participation to the Hackaviz 2022. The Hackaviz is a contest organized by the data visualization association called Toulouse dataviz. It consists in telling a story using data made available.

I have fun making data visualizations in my free time, so I participated solo. You can find my participation to the previous year here. The code I used will be available soon.


This year, a database of funding collected and distributed by the collective management organizations of the author’s rights for private copy is in the spotlight.

I have devoted my work to the type of aid granted, all organizations included. So I made a first graph (it is interactive, you can use your mouse or finger) showing the evolution of the number of grants by type:

Bokeh Plot

Here we notice the effect of the covid because in 2020 there was a decrease in the number of grants awarded (which were increasing for all types every year until then). With live performances suffering the most, this is certainly related to the confinements. Following this first observation, I wanted to observe the distribution of the number of grants with the following graph (also interactive):

Bokeh Plot

Thus with this graph we realize that the distribution of funding has remained stable from 2016 to 2019 (regardless of the increase in the number of grants allocated). Nevertheless, for the year 2020 this distribution has changed to the disadvantage of live performances and in favor of funding for creations. While the proportion of funding for artistic and cultural education and artist training has remained stable.

I hope this will help/inspire some of you. In any case, I hope it has been interesting.

See you again, Vincent.